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Quick & Dirty image type detection for Python
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A dead simple library for detecting mime type & dimensions of an image, with 0 dependencies outside of Python, struct and StringIO.

ImageLite supports and has been tested against Python3, Python2.7, and Python2.6.

Example Usage

ImageLite was written because I had a web application that needed to detect type & dimension of user-supplied images. To this end, it is meant to be a a drop-in replacement for using a more full-featured library such as PIL (which is where the name comes from; originally we were using PIL's Image class to do much the same thing, but PIL is quite heavy-weight for something so simple).

from ImageLite import ImageLite
f = open('some_image','rb')
data =
img = ImageLite(data)
print img.width, img.height, img.image_type

To Do

  • More image types would be nice
  • Support for raw file handles, ala the JPEG work
  • &c.
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