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Revert "Stop forcing hasLayout on the target element; it seems that t…

…his is not required to make onmove/onresize events fire after all. Tests still appear to function properly. Fixes the margin collapsing issue described in issue #14."

Turns out hasLayout is indeed required in order for onmove and onresize events to fire. My tests were faulty because the window's onresize handler was firing.

This reverts commit 182fcb0.
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1 parent fb0db57 commit 559c4511e8498a1fb51450f9e04d4bd02a074e33 Jason Johnston committed Jun 2, 2010
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@@ -147,6 +147,9 @@ function init() {
if( !renderers ) {
var el = element;
+ // force layout so move/resize events will fire
+ el.runtimeStyle.zoom = 1;
// Create the style infos and renderers
styleInfos = {
backgroundInfo: new PIE.BackgroundStyleInfo( el ),

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