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Properties and Values</a> documentation.</p>
+<h2>How large is it?</h2>
+<p>The .htc behavior file is 28K. With gzip compression, it is 12K. (You do gzip your content, right?)</p>
+<p>It's pretty easy to save at least as much as that by using CSS3 instead of all the extra images, markup, and CSS
+you'd have to use otherwise. Also, it's important to note that the behavior file is only downloaded by IE, so in other
+browsers which support these CSS3 features natively, that's pure win.</p>
<h2>What are the goals of the project?</h2>
<p>Even though today's advanced browsers are starting to implement decent levels of CSS3 support, it will still be
years before Web authors can start using these CSS3 features in widespread deployment. The main reason is, of course,

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