Problem with rowspan, position relative and PIE htc on IE7/IE8 #201

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dehian commented Feb 15, 2012

As said in the title, i have a problem combining those things
I need to set a position relative because i'm using a background color
without that position relative and the background color it works well on every browser
(for those who ask themselves why i use table instead of divs, it's because i want every content columns to fill all the available space)

you can see it here
first one without bgcolor and position relative
second one with bgcolor and position relative

IE7 and IE8 even behave differently


ghost commented Feb 16, 2012

The same issue!

dehian commented Feb 16, 2012

I close this issue as it was not a bug of PIE but a wrong css behaviour in IE
I found a workaround
i moved header and footer to a div and put position relative to the TABLE not to the TR nor TD
you can see the code here

dehian closed this Feb 16, 2012


ghost commented Feb 17, 2012

it actually works, but border-radius has a bug if there is set "border" property.
Have a look at this website in IE7:
I took it from CSS3PIE demos


ghost commented Feb 25, 2012

I figured out that this is IE x64 bug!

dehian commented Feb 25, 2012

not sure...the original problemes i encoutered was on a win Xp X86

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