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Screen freezes when using PIE elements inside tabs in IE8 #213

Martijn1981 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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There soms to be a problem with the jQuery .hide() and .show() functions and certain PIE elements. Check out the following example: Works fine in IE9, the tab with the buttons completely freezes in IE8 and IE7 works fine.

I'm using jQuery 1.7.2., jQuery Tools 1.2.7 and PIE 1.0.5..


This issue has been solved! Seems there's a problem with using "display: inline-block" on a PIE styled <button> in cases like these. I've switched back to "display: inline" and the rendering's all good: no freezes anymore.

Here's the page with "display: inline-block":
Here's the page with "display: inline":

Important note! The other elements: <span>, <p> and <a> work fine with "display: inline" AND display: inline-block". It's specifically the <button> element that seems to go haywire when using "display: inline-block". Perhaps other similar elements as well, like <input> tags?


Oh another thing: the button freezes as well when I apply "float: right" to it.

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