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H.length error #217

arwin opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I've added on my website in order for me to be able to apply css3 styles on IE8. However, I'm getting this error: 'H.length' is null or not an object


You're going to have to provide more information. Have you addressed all the common issues on the Known Issues documentation page?

Before filing a bug It's usually best to first post details about your problem and a link to the page in question in the Troubleshooting forum, to determine if it's really a bug or if it's just something not set up right on your end.


Yup, I've already tried to address all the common known issues. However, I'm still getting the error. Sorry I can't provide you with the actual link that I'm working on because it's an intranet site. However, I can provide you with the same issue that I saw in the forum. Here's the link:


Unfortunately without a way to reproduce the issue, this will be impossible to fix. In lieu of a URL can you provide a simplified standalone testcase?

If not then I'm going to have to close this as unreproducible.


I already fixed the issue. Apparently, when an element which was assigned with the behavior file and was initially hidden and has a -pie-lazy-init:true code, the h.length error will occur once you show the hidden element. I only removed the -pie-lazy-init:true code and the error was fixed.

@arwin arwin closed this
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