Different results based on .htc path #245

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I've looked around a bit and havent seen anything similar to what i'm dealing with, but i'm having a really issue.

PIE is working if the path is "behavior: url(/scripts/PIE.htc);"

PIE IS NOT working if the path is "behavior: url(/scripts/vendor/PIE.htc);"

It seems like if its any deeper than just 1 directory, it just fails to work.


I am unable to reproduce this. Can you provide a test case that demonstrates the issue? Might it be a server configuration issue? Do you get proper HTTP responses with the right headers from both locations?

I'll close this ticket, unless you have something I can reproduce.


Closing due to lack of information. Reopen if you can provide something reproducible.

@lojjic lojjic closed this Feb 18, 2013
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