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Support the new Gradient Syntax #247

xodigital opened this Issue · 5 comments

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As Firefox 16 is out, which has unprefixed gradients and IE10 and Opera 12.50 are just around the corner, PIE needs to be updated to support the new, standard syntax, otherwise anyone who uses it will have to include a -pie-background property using the old syntax.

Ideally, both old and new syntaxes would be supported for backwards & forwards compatibility.

Details of the new syntax can be found here:


This is desperately needed


I support this!


I wouldn't exactly say "desperately" needed ;) but I've done work toward this already. See the final-gradient-syntax branch at

Any assistance you can provide testing these changes would be appreciated.


I don't understand all the instructions to build it :-/


Done: e7fba1c

Please build from master and test if you can.

@lojjic lojjic closed this
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