PIE.htc doesn't work over SSL unless an absolute URL is used #251

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ingmarh commented Nov 15, 2012

PIE.htc doesn't seem to work on pages served via https unless an absolute URL is used in the behavior property. All I get is "Access is denied" errors.

I've tested in IE 8 (Win 7) and IE 7 (Win XP), trying different approaches, all with no effect:

  • Using a root-relative URL, e.g. url(/PIE.htc)
  • Using a protocol-relative URL, e.g. url(//www.example.com/PIE.htc)
  • Using a page-relative URL (not tested on sub pages)

The MIME type of the .htc is set correctly, the file is located on the same domain as the page and IEs developer tools show the correct value for the behavior property.

Inspecting the HTTP requests, there are no requests being made to the PIE.htc file. Apparently, IE is trying to load PIE using the http, not the https URL, as the "Access is denied" error messages always read: Access is denied to: http://www.example.com/PIE.htc

Also: In IE 9 (Win 7), I saw no request to the PIE.htc file as well, but also no errors in the browser. So the IE 9 features shouldn't work on SSL pages (unless an absolute URL to PIE.htc is used) too – I didn't test further.

Using an absolute URL like url(https://www.example.com/PIE.htc) works but is no option since only some pages are served with https. PIE.htc won't work on pages served with http when using an absolute https address in the behavior url and vice versa.

I've already searched the web to see if someone else has a solution, but no luck. Related to this issue, I found this and, more recently, this topic on the PIE forums.

Is there anything I've missed to get this to work?

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ingmarh commented Nov 16, 2012

Turns out the issue was caused due to an untrusted SSL certificate. Very frustrating.

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