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IE8: Toggling container display:none/block doesn't update rendering sometimes #41

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This comes from forum posting submitted by "solidblack":

Hi there,

First of all: thanks for that great script!!!! It works (almost) perfect for me and saves me a lot of photoshopping/coding to get round borders and box shadows look like in serious browsers ;-)

I'm getting in trouble with this in Internet Explorer 8 (7):
I display/hide containers via jquery, If I do so twice (click on the tabs at the top), the borders and shadows suddenly disappear.
Have a look at this:

I've tried to fix it with a position:relative but without effect...

Can anyone pleeeeease get me out of this bad IE ( :x ) behaviour....Any hints?

Thanks in advance


Testcase document committed as tests/submitted/issue41.html


i tried ur test case in ie8 and ie7,
and i didn't get an error,
i recorded testing it in ie7 here:


The original testcase on has been modified to include a workaround which I suggested in the forum, so it makes sense that it's now working. The committed version should still show the problem in IE8.


alternatively, you can simply modify to update when display is changed. just change line 11 to include an update() call after the propChanged() call.

seemed to work for me.


another possible solution is to force the rendering via javascript

function refresh() {
    if ($.browser.msie) 
        $('selectorToCss3StyledElement').each(function () { this.fireEvent('onmove') });

and call this function right after the change of the display property

For istance if you animate a div with jquery and fadeIn / fadeOut

    function () {
        function () {

original code:


If none of the above fixes work for you, try separating the manipulation of display property away from the element with CSS3Pie applied.

e.g. a simple div wrapper to control the display property and its child having all the CSS3Pie styles.


any way this problem can be solved with an PIE update? what about including the fix from @tysonmalchow ?
@macbeth solution works but i prefer a PIE fix over ie-specific JS code

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