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Need to match the opacity of the target element #46

lojjic opened this Issue July 21, 2010 · 3 comments

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Jason Johnston Michael Strelan BMCouto Axle-Ryde
Jason Johnston
lojjic commented July 21, 2010

Currently if an element is set to translucent via filter:alpha(opacity=foo), PIE will not match that and instead display as fully opaque. We need to add logic to the RootRenderer to match the opacity of the foreground element.

Michael Strelan

Fully opaque or fully transparent? I have a container with a rounded border. I have an interesting situation trying to do page transitions (for the client of course). Javascript first does a document.write to add a style element that sets the body's visibility to hidden. Then jquery document.ready sets the opacity to 0 and the visibility to visible. then jquery animates the opacity from 0 to 100%. It is ridiculous but if I don't do it in that order it renders the page before hiding it and fading it in. Anyway the point is that my CSS3 PIE element now has a transparent background and no border.


any news on this one?


Suggest working from the standards css 'opacity' property, rather than parsing 'filter:alpha(opacity=foo)'. Even though 'opacity' is not a css3 property, better to enable the standards. I expect you're already thinking this way.

Will this help with combining opacity and background-image (png) transparency issues in IE - automatically providing the benefits of -pie-png-fix: true; if there is a background image on the element as well? Nice.

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