PIE rendering misplaced for fixed-position elements #74

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PIE calculates the position of fixed-position target elements incorrectly, causing PIE-rendered effects to be misplaced. It calculates positions assuming the absolute positioning model.

The updatePos function of PIE.RootRenderer should be updated to correct this. This would correct the problem for all PIE effects. Position for fixed-position targets can probably be read directly from the currentStyle of the target.


lojjic commented Sep 1, 2010

The original forum post where this was discussed: http://css3pie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=151

@gucong3000 gucong3000 pushed a commit to gucong3000/PIE that referenced this issue Apr 22, 2016

Jason Johnston Fix positioning of CSS3 element when target element is position:fixed…
…. Fixes issue #74.

This issue was closed.

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