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Update rendering to handle :focus styles (IE8) #78

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Reported by RwwL in a comment from issue #36:

  • :focus styles (say, a border color change) on the input are not applied until keydown or until the cursor is moved off the field
  • if you tab or click away from a field after its focus styles are applied, the focus styles are not removed until I mouse over the field again

It should be noted that :focus is not supported at all before IE8. We might consider making PIE add a custom class to focused elements which would allow stylesheets to use that class rather than :focus to get the same effect in IE6-7.


Is it necessary for PIE to emulate :focus behavior for IE6 and 7 when something like Selectivizr already takes care of this emulation? I think the low-hanging fruit lies with the rendering issues. IE 6 and 7 can gracefully degrade for all I care, but IE 8 is glitchy. How tough is this bug to crack? The rendering appears to take place, but it doesn't appear until I hover over the :focused element.

It should also be noted that :active suffers from the same issues. As :active is pretty useful for styling links and input[type="button"], it should probably also be addressed.

@lojjic lojjic referenced this issue from a commit
Jason Johnston Add listeners for handling changes due to :focus and :active pseudocl…
…asses. Addresses issues #78 and #131.

This should now be fixed, see the above commit.

@lojjic lojjic closed this
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