Invalid procedure call error on input[type=submit] buttons with border: none #97

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In some circumstances (not entirely sure of the trigger) when you have an input button with no border you get an error, "Invalid procedure call or argument" on Line 2620 Char 17 (uncompressed beta 3). After much head-banging setting the border to 1px solid transparent seems to resolve this issue. It would be great if this was taken in to consideration in the hideBorder() function


lojjic commented Dec 23, 2010

Interesting, I haven't noticed that error. I'll look into it, thanks for reporting.

For me it was only occurring on input[type=submit] buttons which were inside JQuery UI tabs. The tab containers had rounded corners and a shadow as well. I'm not entirely sure but perhaps it is the submit button in the hidden tab that is problematic since it might not have dimensions, or perhaps has to do with ancestors having PIE applied to it.

If you can't reproduce I can spend some time figuring out the exact trigger.

TiBeN commented Jul 12, 2011

Hi, I have a similar issue on "button" and "input [type=submit]" when a gradient is applied + border-top + border-[left-right-bottom]: none.
A "unvalid argument" is thrown by IE 8 on line 2711 of the Version 1.0beta4
IE 7 seem to work fine and IE 6 doesn't report error but doesn't apply gradient effect. Can't try IE 9.

here a sample code that reproduce the bug:

    <style type="text/css">

        form #submit {
           color: white;    
            border-top: 2px solid #a7c156;
            border-left: none;
            border-bottom: none;
            border-right: none;                                   

            -pie-background: linear-gradient(
                center bottom,
                rgb(110,152,27) 49%,
                rgb(137,172,34) 11%

            behavior: url(/path/to/PIE/;


lojjic commented Oct 31, 2011

I think this is due to hideBorder() assuming that the borderFooWidth values are always going to be numeric lengths and does not take into account that they could have values like "medium" which need to get translated. BorderStyleInfo handles this correctly so we should just be able to query it instead of reading currentStyle directly.

iBeb commented Feb 22, 2012

I have the same issue but I've found a trick:

I have a button with:

border:1px solid #000;

And I've changed it to:

border:1px solid #000;

Worked for me.

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