Code related to batch upload of images from LSH to Wikimedia Commons
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Assorted scripts used for LSH batch upload. The work originally done on the redux branch (now merged) was a first attempt to cleanup the scripts and include the original steps needed to convert the original csv files to those required for the input

Apart from the exceptions mentioned below this was produced by Lokal_Profil. Note however that the majority of the codebase is old and the coding might make you want to cry (I know that is how I feel when I see it).

The SQL scripts were created by Fredrik Andersson at LSH.

Requires WikiApi and lokal-profil/BatchUploadTools.

WikiApi is based on PyCJWiki Version 1.31 (C) by Smallman12q GPL, see

BatchUploadTools can be installed via pip install git+ Note: You might have to add the --process-dependency-links flag to the above command if you are running a different version of pywikibot from the required one.

User Requirements

This bot does not (yet) support OAuth, hence you must use [[Special:BotPasswords]] with a bot account given the following grants:

  • Basic rights
  • High-volume editing
  • Upload new files

For clean up it is also recommended that it is given:

  • Create, edit, and move pages
  • Upload, replace, and move files


All of these should be run from the main code directory. Note that up to step 10 all can be done without the actual image files.

  1. Copy config.example.json to config.json and fill in your username and password you also need to set up (from pywikibot) with the same credentials.
  2. Run python old_connections data, to make a copy of the latest Commons mappings
  3. Unpack the new csv files to the original_csv directory
  4. Update csv_config.json to the new file names
  5. Run python, to populate a new clean_csv directory
  6. Run python and fix any errors, repeat until no actionable errors
  • creates csv_analys.log
  1. Run python, to populate a new data directory
  • Note that this takes some time and that there are three prompts at the start
  • individual log files are found in data/logs
  1. Run python, to generate the filenames

  2. Run python, to create mapping tables for Commons

  3. Upload the mapping tables to the right place

  4. Do the actual mappings...

  5. Run python, to populate a new connections directory and update filenames.csv

  • If filenames are updated then don't run again until Commons table has been updated.
  1. Run python moveHits ../bilder where ../bilder is the relative path to the main image directory. Moves the relevant files to base directories and adds extension to filenames.csv
  2. Run python makeAndRename ../bilder/m_a batchCat etc. for each of the new image subdirectory. Where batchCat, if provided is a datestamp (e.g. 2015-11) used for collecting the images in a category. Creates info files and renames files
  • Check ¤generator.log for possible problems
  1. Run python negatives ../bilder/m_a etc. for each of the image subdirectory containing negatives. Creates a positive version and renames correctly
  • Series with negatives are A, B, D, E, G, O
  • Check ¤imageMagick-errors.log for error reports
  1. Run python negativeCleanup ../bilder/m_a etc. for each of the image subdirectory where the previous step was run
  • Check ¤conversion-errors.log for problematic conversions (fix manually)
  1. Run python -path:../bilder/m_a etc. to upload the files
  • Successful uploads end up in the Uploaded subdirectory
  • Failed uploads in the Uploaded_errors subdirectory
  • Uploads with warnings in the Uploaded_warnings subdirectory
  • Details on problematic uploads can be found in ¤uploader.log (fix manually, often by just trying again...)

Post upload

  1. Run python purge to purge LSH-files in Category:Files with broken file links
  2. Look at postAnalysis/BrokenFileLinks.csv to identify any remaining files with broken file links. Add any known renames after the pipe (excluding prefix but including the file extension)
  3. Run python rename to repair file pages linking to renamed files and updating the list of broken links
  • These indicate missing files, these can some times be uploaded manually but should otherwise be unlinked.
  1. Run python findMissing to check filenames.csv for any files not present on Commons
  • This also generates an export file with photo-id to url-links for LSH


Some basic tests have been added to simplify maintenance/improvement of the code base. Run these with tox.


The maintenance directory contains scripts which may be useful for one-off actions in relation to the batch upload.

  • upload_dupes replaces previously uploaded files without changing their description pages.
  • replace_descriptions attempts to replace previously uploaded descriptions while preserving any changes made by users since the upload.