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Mobile-oriented web app for displaying MozFest schedule data.
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MozFest Schedule App

This is a tweaked version of the code that runs OpenNews' SRCCON schedule, currently in testing and filled with randomized session data from last year's MozFest (so start times might look a little weird here and there). Design and UI updates are in the works to help this scale to MozFest.

Design notes:

  • built primarily for mobile use, assuming that people will need this on location at the event
  • tapping on a session opens its full description (using a template that allows for additional data if necessary)
  • provides a full-text, searchable session list in addition to day-by-day schedule tabs
  • session favoriting (using browser localstorage) populates a per-device custom schedule tab
  • can use appcache, such as it is, to provide offline support for those special conference wifi moments
    • repo includes local versions of OpenSans font files, to get around cache manifest fetching bugs in some browsers
    • does its best to handle "back" navigation in offline mode, where there is no window.history
  • highlights schedule tab for current date if possible
  • colors denote normal-length and long sessions, and long sessions are "ghosted" into the following schedule block to show that they're still going on

Technical notes:

  • stores data in a single json file, generated by a Python script that pulls data from a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • designed to publish via GitHub Pages (triggering the Python script to update schedule data also creates an automated commit, which rebuilds the schedule site)
  • uses jQuery and Underscore for DOM and data manipulation
  • uses marked for pretty text formatting

This app was originally built on the fly in the week before SRCCON 2014, so some components are fairly bespoke. A couple things I've been intending to address:

  • tab dates are defined in schedule.js itself, rather than calculated by looking for unique values from the list of sessions
  • color categories are tied to SRCCON's 1- and 2.5-hour session formats
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