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Lokalise API v2 official Golang client library

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Getting Started


import ""	// with go modules enabled (GO111MODULE=on or outside GOPATH)
import "" // with go modules disabled

Initializing the client

token := os.Getenv("lokalise_token")
client, err := lokalise.New(token)

General options

You can set global API parameters with the ClientOption functions during the initialization. The following functions are available:

  • WithBaseURL
  • WithRetryCount
  • WithRetryTimeout
  • WithConnectionTimeout
  • WithDebug
  • WithPageLimit


Api, err := lokalise.New(

Objects and models

Individual objects are represented as instances of according structs. Different objects are used for creating and updating in most cases.

Here are some object types:

  • Create/Update request objects, i.e. NewKey, NewContributor etc

  • Response objects: single/multiple, i.e. KeyResponse/KeysResponse and special , i.e. DeleteKeyResponse. There is no separate ErrorResponse - errors are encapsulated into concrete method's response.

  • List options that are used for sending certain options and pagination, i.e. KeyListOptions.

Request options and pagination

Some resources, such as Projects, Keys, Files, Tasks, Screenshots, Translations have optional parameters for List method (Keys also have an option for Retrieve). These parameters should be set before calling.

All request options could be set inline and separately:

// separately:
keys := client.Keys()
    IncludeTranslations: 1,
    IncludeComments: 1,

resp, err := keys.List("{PROJECT_ID}")

// inline:
client.Keys().WithListOptions(lokalise.KeyListOptions{Limit: 3}).List("{PROJECT_ID}")

There are two parameters, used for pagination: Limit and Page.

t := Api.Teams()
    Page:  2,
    Limit: 10,

resp, err := t.List()

Cursor pagination

The List Keys and List Translations endpoints support cursor pagination, which is recommended for its faster performance compared to traditional "offset" pagination. By default, "offset" pagination is used, so you must explicitly set pagination to "cursor" to use cursor pagination.

// This approach is also applicable for `client.Translations()`
keys := Api.Keys()
  Pagination: "cursor",
  Cursor: "eyIxIjo1MjcyNjU2MTd9"

resp, err := keys.List()

After retrieving data from the Lokalise API, you can check for the availability of the next cursor and proceed accordingly:

cursor := ""

for {
	keys := client.Keys()
		Pagination: "cursor",
		Cursor:     cursor,
	resp, _ := keys.List(projectId)
	// Do something with the response
	if !resp.Paged.HasNextCursor() {
		// no more keys
	cursor = resp.Paged.Cursor

Queued Processes

Some resource actions, such as Files.upload, are subject to intensive processing before request fulfills. These processes got optimised by becoming asynchronous. The initial request only queues the data for processing and retrieves to queued process identifier. Additional request to QueuedProcesses resource could be executed to obtain the current processing result.

Example with Files.upload:

projectId := "aaaabbbb.cccc"
uploadOpts := lokalise.FileUpload{
    Filename: "test.html",
    LangISO:  "en"

f := Api.Files()
resp, err = f.Upload(projectId, uploadOpts)

The successful response will contain process ID, which can be used to obtain the final result:

projectId := "aaaabbbb.cccc"
processId := "ddddeeeeeffff"

q := Api.QueuedProcesses()
resp, err := q.Retrieve(projectId, processId)

Rate limits

Access to all endpoints is limited to 6 requests per second from 14 September, 2021. This limit is applied per API token and per IP address. If you exceed the limit, a 429 HTTP status code will be returned and the corresponding exception will be raised that you should handle properly. To handle such errors, we recommend an exponential backoff mechanism with a limited number of retries.

Only one concurrent request per token is allowed.

Available resources


List project comments

projectId := "aaaabbbb.cccc"
c := Api.Comments()
c.SetPageOptions(lokalise.PageOptions{Page: 1, Limit: 20})
resp, err := c.ListProject(projectId)

List key comments

projectId := "aaaabbbb.cccc"
keyId := 26835183
c := Api.Comments()
c.SetPageOptions(lokalise.PageOptions{Page: 1, Limit: 20})
resp, err := c.ListByKey(projectId, keyId)


c := lokalise.NewComment{Comment: "My new comment"}
resp, err := Api.Comments().Create(projectId, keyId, []lokalise.NewComment{c})


commentId := 26835183
resp, err := Api.Comments().Retrieve(projectId, keyId, commentId)


resp, err := Api.Comments().Delete(projectId, keyId, commentId)


List all contributors

projectId := "aaaabbbb.cccc"
pageOpts := lokalise.PageOptions{Page: 1, Limit: 20}

c := Api.Contributors()

Create contributors

contributorCreate := lokalise.NewContributor{
    Email:    "",
    Fullname: "New contributor",
    Permission: lokalise.Permission{
        IsAdmin:     true,
        IsReviewer:  true,
        Languages:   []lokalise.Language{{LangISO: "en", IsWritable: true}},
        AdminRights: []string{"upload", "download"},
resp, err := Api.Contributors().Create(projectId, []lokalise.NewContributor{contributorCreate})

Retrieve contributor

userId := 47913 
resp, err := Api.Contributors().Retrieve(projectId, userId)

Update contributor

permissionUpdate := lokalise.Permission{
    IsReviewer: true,
    IsAdmin: false,
    AdminRights: []string{"keys", "upload", "download"},
resp, err := Api.Contributors().Update(projectId, userId, permissionUpdate)