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lokalise2 file upload

Upload a file


Imports a localization file to the project. Requires Upload files admin right. List of supported file formats is available here

lokalise2 file upload [flags]


      --apply-tm               Enable to automatically apply 100% translation memory matches.
      --cleanup-mode           Enable to delete all keys with all language translations that are not present in the uploaded file. You may want to make a snapshot of the project before importing new file, just in case.
      --convert-placeholders   Enable to automatically convert placeholders to the Lokalise universal placeholders.
      --detect-icu-plurals     Enable to automatically detect and parse ICU formatted plurals in your translations.
      --distinguish-by-file    Enable to allow keys with similar names to coexist, in case they are assigned to differrent filenames.
      --file string            Path to local file (required).
  -h, --help                   help for upload
      --include-path           Include relative directory name in the filename when uploading.
      --keys-to-values         Enable to automatically replace values with key names.
      --lang-iso string        Language code of the translations in the file you are importing (required).
      --replace-modified       Enable to replace translations, that have been modified (in the file being uploaded).
      --slashn-to-linebreak    Enable to replace \n with a line break (default true). (default true)
      --tag-inserted-keys      Add specified tags to inserted keys (default true). (default true)
      --tag-skipped-keys       Add specified tags to skipped keys.
      --tag-updated-keys       Add specified tags to updated keys (default true). (default true)
      --tags strings           Tag keys with the specified tags. By default tags are applied to created and updated keys.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --project-id string   Unique project identifier (required).
  -t, --token string        API token (required). You can create API tokens at


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