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Common Lisp interface to mastodon
Common Lisp
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Common Lisp Mastodon client

This project implements two things should eventually be split into two separate projects: A client API for Mastodon, and a user interface based on CLIM.

I’m currently using the CLIM client to learn how it works, as well as a testbed for the API part.

How to connect to a server using the CLIM client

Currently the client is not ready for real use, but if anyone is interested to try it, this is how you connect to an instance:

  1. Add the instance to the client using the Add Instance command
  2. List the instances using the List Instances command
  3. Type the Authenticate command. This will display 3 input fields
  4. In the first, enter the instance by clicking on the name that was displayed when listing the instances. Typing the name is not possible since there is no input translator from a string to an instance.
  5. Enter the username in the second field.
  6. Enter the password in the third field.

At this point, the other commands should work properly.

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