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(in-package #:trivial-shell)
(defun %shell-command (command input)
(let* ((process (create-shell-process command t input))
(output (file-to-string-as-lines
(ccl::external-process-output-stream process)))
(error (file-to-string-as-lines
(ccl::external-process-error-stream process))))
(close (ccl::external-process-output-stream process))
(close (ccl::external-process-error-stream process))
(values output
(process-exit-code process))))
(defun create-shell-process (command wait &optional input)
(with-input-from-string (input-stream input)
(list "-c" command)
:input input-stream :output :stream :error :stream
:wait wait)))
(defun process-alive-p (process)
(eq (nth-value 0 (ccl:external-process-status process)) :running))
(defun process-exit-code (process)
(nth-value 1 (ccl:external-process-status process)))
(defun %os-process-id ()
(error 'unsupported-function-error :function 'os-process-id))
(defun %get-env-var (name)
(ccl::getenv name))
(defun %exit (code)
(ccl:quit code))
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