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Hello, and welcome to the Repo Codebase of Calorie Countdown app for android

This is a Weight Loss app to help Client/Users Lose Weight, feel great and Healthy hence reducing their chances of contracting and succumbing to the Corona SAR Virus.

You are now part of the team that will make this a reality for the People of the World

You are joining the ESE Team as A Blackboard Member, this is the only way we develop Code and Software in ESE S.C.I LTD

There are 5 ese Offices in ESE S.C.I LTD that make up the Company :

ese (Blue) Office

ese (Green) Office

ese (Orange) Office

ese (Brown) Office

ese (Black) Office

Blue Office is responsible of Sales, Marketing and Finance, basically making Money in ESE

Green Office is deals with and is in Charge of all Clients and Client Welfare.

Orange Office is where Research and Development takes place to further advance ESE Software

Brown Office is the Software Engineering and Architecture Office and we are

Black Office, in charge of implementing and Building all the artifact and UML that comes out of Brown Office, Software Integration and Deployment to

In Black Office we will be using CircleCi to co-ordinate and Integrate all of your work into the Software that gets shipped to Clients/User through You will be implementing what we in the Company call "fragments", read the DSS Documentation in each of your fragments, follow it, implement the interfaces, throughly implement and test them, using a rich variety of possible user input to make sure your fragment doesn't break under pressure in the most vividly wild, unforeseen and unimaginable Scenarios, use Unit Testing, when you are completely happy, Commit using Circle Ci.

At ESE we will see the Commit ourselves, test your work, make sure it integrates seamlessly with the main branch and works as specified and required in the Documentation, once we are happy, we will ask you to raise your Invoice at People per hour for your funds to be released to you immediately, then repeat this process for the next fragment and then for next one after that and then for the next one after that...

all the best and happy Implementation.

Lotenna Okeke

Head of Office (Black)









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