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Grab the color palette from an image using just Javascript. Works in the browser and in Node.


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Color Thief

Grab the color palette from an image using just Javascript.Works in the browser and in Node.

View the demo page for examples, API docs, and more.


Project structure

  • build/ - Simple script that copies and renames files into the /dist folder.
  • cypress/ - Browsers tests.
  • dist/ - Generated distribution files created by microbundle package and a couple of files copied via build script.
  • examples/ - CSS, JS, and Images for the index.html example page.
  • src/color-thief-node.js - Source for the Node (commonjs) compatible version of the script.
  • src/color-thief.js - Source for the browser (ES6, AMD, Global var) compatible version of the script.
  • src/core.js - Functions shared between the node and browser versions of the script.
  • test/ - Node integration tests. Uses Chai.
  • index.html - Example page.

Running tests

There are two sets of tests:

  1. Browser tests run with Cypress
  2. Node tests run with Karma and utilizing Mocha

To run both the browser and Node tests:

  • npm run dev to start local server.
  • npm run test

To run just the browser tests with the Cypress UI:

  • npm run dev to start local server
  • npm run test:browser

To run just the Node tests:

  • npm run test:node

Adding tests

  • Update cypress/test-pages/index.html as needed or create a new test page if you need new examples.
  • Add new tests in cypress/integration/apis_spec.js

Making a new release

  • Merge dev into master
  • Pull down master
  • Update version number in src/color-thief.js and package.json
  • Run npm run build
  • Commit and push built files back up to master
  • Create a new Github release along with tag. Naming convention for both v2.8.1
  • npm publish