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fix: Use image naturalHeight and naturalHeight #182 Thanks to @wangcheng

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  • #191 fix: quality option validation. Thanks to @aaron-hanson Issue
  • chore: Fix npm script command syntax. Thanks again to @aaron-hanson
  • tests: Add test for CORS
  • docs: Move contributing info inline in README. Add proj structure and more info around testing.
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  • feat: Node support. Use color-thief-node.js file in dist folder
  • test: Added simple tests for node env with Mocha and Chai to go alongside the Cypress browser tests
  • build: Discontinue outputting sourcemaps

Example node usage:

const { resolve } = require('path');
const ColorThief = require('colorthief');
const img = resolve(process.cwd(), 'night.jpg');

	.then((color) => {
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  • feat: Add CommonJS, AMD, and ES6 module support #161 (Note: Does not work in Node env because of <canvas> tag req in browser, but this is first step towards adding support.)

Other changes

  • Replace uglify with microbundle for build step
  • Add test for es6 module loading
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  • fix: Remove node version requirement
  • refactor: Create sep repo for quantize lib and import
  • refactor: Use a shared core lib
  • test: Enable other palette count tests post-quantize func updates
  • test: Remove bad test case, colorcount(1)
  • wip: node support. see src/color-thief-node.js
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  • Add Cypress for browser testing
  • Removes grunt and bower


  • chore: Remove Grunt. Use npm tasks. PR #145
  • chore: Discontinue Bower support. PR #146
  • chore: Add eslint. PR #151
  • test: Add Cypress for browser testing PR #146
  • test: Add browsertests: getColor on black, red, and multi-color image. PR #146
  • refactor: Don't append canvas tag to DOM #150
  • docs: Strip included example page to essentials. PR #146
  • style: tabs to spaces. PR #146
  • feat: Add demo page. PR #158
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  • [Fix] Remove left-over references to Creative Commons License. MIT all-around.
  • [Fix] MMCQ lib issues #16 by @nobodypb
  • [Fix] Incorrect bower.json main property path. #37 by @chellem, @joscha, @dkushner
  • [Fix] Quality less than 1 causes infinite loop #33 by @nteike
  • [Fix] MMCQ.quantize(...) can return false or undefined thus breaking the application #55 by @mhahmadi
  • [Remove] Drop version number from bower.json #70 by @kkirsche
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Script changes

  • Remove jQuery requirement
  • Embed quantize methods directly in color-thief.js
  • Speed improvements to algorithm including the addition of an optional 'quality' parameter in the getPalette method

Demo page changes

  • Examples now interactive; click to run
  • Added drag'n'drop demo