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This release incorporates features from 2.0.0 and also the associated hot-fixes patched in Festive Freya Daemon 2.0.1 and 2.0.2. This release fixes issues syncing past block 161849, if you are synced past block 161849 this release is not mandatory.

Hard Fork Information

Mainnet is set to fork at block height 161849 (est. 2018-12-13)
Testnet is set to fork at block height 47096
Stagenet is set to fork at block height 96211

Update 2019-01-02

OSX binaries have been updated again to include correct Qt libraries (see loki-project/loki#384).

The new hash:
cf2ca8cd01be894f99e9146f5215c2085f8603048c894d90611909fd5f8ec53b loki-gui-osx-x64-2.0.2.zip

Update 2019-01-01

OSX binaries have been updated as the uploaded version was compiled against the incorrect Daemon version, 2.0.1 which should have been 2.0.2.
The new hash is,
7ac96cbf58d1729ae3a0ab1ff812da65c86c507d475000a2fa1b5eb53a61cdbc loki-gui-osx-x64-2.0.2.zip

The old hash was
20263e21f6578a0db347d4cead5d8f06882a8b8a4f0e2648eba3155b02dad8b5 loki-gui-osx-x64-2.0.2.zip


27f7b67091e9605558e0747b8497a5038cdd6b1e70cf37fe285f35053f998f92 loki-gui-linux-x64-2.0.2.zip
cf2ca8cd01be894f99e9146f5215c2085f8603048c894d90611909fd5f8ec53b loki-gui-osx-x64-2.0.2.zip
7ff0add42acd4de9259ac57107ae9bab090894756d7daae9552685b98cd31aaa loki-gui-win-x64-2.0.2.zip

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