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Lokinet is an anonymous, decentralized and IP based overlay network for the internet.
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Lokinet is the reference implementation of LLARP (low latency anonymous routing protocol), a layer 3 onion routing protocol.

You can learn more about the high level design of LLARP here

And you can read the LLARP protocol specification here

You can view documentation on how to get started here .

build status travis-ci


See the documentation on how to get started.

Also read the Public Testing Guide for installation and other helpful information.

Running on Linux

DO NOT RUN AS ROOT, run as normal user. This requires the binary to have the proper setcaps set by make install on the binary.

to run as client:

$ lokinet -g
$ lokinet-bootstrap
$ lokinet

to run as relay:

$ lokinet -r -g
$ lokinet-bootstrap
$ lokinet

Running on MacOS/UNIX/BSD

YOU HAVE TO RUN AS ROOT, run using sudo. Elevated privileges are needed to create the virtual tunnel interface.

The MacOS installer places the normal binaries (lokinet and lokinet-bootstrap) in /usr/local/bin which should be in your path, so you can easily use the binaries from your terminal. The installer also nukes your previous config and keys and sets up a fresh config and downloads the latest bootstrap seed.

to run as client:

$ lokinet -g
$ lokinet-bootstrap
$ sudo lokinet

to run as relay:

$ lokinet -r -g
$ lokinet-bootstrap
$ sudo lokinet

Running on Windows

DO NOT RUN AS ELEVATED USER, run as normal user.

to run as client, run the run-lokinet.bat batch file as your normal user.


Build requirements:

  • GNU Make
  • CMake
  • C++ 14 capable C++ compiler
  • gcovr (if generating test coverage with gcc)
  • libuv >= 1.27.0
  • libsodium >= 1.0.17
  • libcurl



$ sudo apt install build-essential cmake git libcap-dev curl libuv1-dev libsodium-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev pkg-config
$ git clone
$ cd loki-network
$ make 


$ sudo make install

alternatively make a debian package with:

$ debuild -uc -us -b

this puts the built packages in ../

Static Linux

static native optimized:

$ make static STATIC_LINK=ON

cross compile fully static armhf (rpi 2 and up)

$ make static STATIC_LINK=ON DOWNLOAD_SODIUM=ON TOOLCHAIN=contrib/cross/armhf.toolchain.cmake


build: make sure you have cmake, libuv and xcode command line tools installed

$ git clone
$ cd loki-network
$ make -j8


$ sudo make install


build (where $ARCH is your platform - i686 or x86_64):

$ pacman -Sy base-devel mingw-w64-$ARCH-toolchain git libtool autoconf mingw-w64-$ARCH-cmake
$ git clone
$ cd loki-network
$ mkdir -p build; cd build

install (elevated) to $PROGRAMFILES/lokinet or $ProgramFiles(x86)/lokinet:

$ make install

if cross-compiling, install mingw-w64 from your distro's package manager, or build from source, then:

$ mkdir -p build; cd build
$ export COMPILER=clang # if using clang for windows

this will create a static binary that can be installed anywhere, with no other dependency other than libc (minimum v6.1)

Solaris 2.10+

NOTE: Oracle Solaris users need to download/compile the TAP driver from

The generated binaries may work on Solaris 2.10 or earlier, you're on your own. (Recommended: -static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc, and the TAP driver if not already installed on the target system.)

Building on a v2.10 or earlier system is unsupported, and may not even work; recent GCC releases have progressively dropped support for older system releases.


$ sudo pkg install build-essential gcc8 wget tuntap cmake (optional: ninja ccache - from omnios extra) (OmniOS CE)
$ sudo pkg install base-developer-utilities developer-gnu developer-studio-utilities gcc-7 wget cmake (Oracle Solaris, see note)
$ sudo pkg install build-essential wget gcc-8 documentation/tuntap header-tun tun (optional: ninja ccache) (all other SunOS)
$ git clone
$ cd loki-network
$ gmake -j8


$ sudo make install

NetBSD (and other platforms where pkgsrc is the native package mgr)

TODO: add pkgsrc instructions

OpenBSD (uses legacy netbsd pkg manager)


# pkg_add curl cmake git (optional: ninja ccache)
$ git clone
$ cd loki-network
$ gmake -j8

install (root):

# gmake install



$ pkg install cmake git curl libuv libsodium pkgconf
$ git clone
$ cd loki-network
$ mkdir build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
$ make

install (root):

# make install
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