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Apr 23, 2019
0.4.0 release tag
Apr 12, 2019
lokint v0.4.0 (something something onion router)
(tag, tag, tag)
Do you like my code?
(my code, my code)

Guess it's ready
cause they're waiting for you
It's gunna be so exciting
Got this feeling
Really deep in my soul
Let's get out, I wanna go.
Come compile, it'll be a while.

Gonna take my code
they gunna sue me
Gonna code along til it does stuff
Cause I'm crazy, lame and lazy.
But you'll like it!
I wanna route for you!
Shall We go now?

tag tag tag!
We refactored the past
crypto bugs squashed
and added some testing
yeah yeah yeah!
We made the it more fast
All no longer segfaults

tag tag tag!
we gunna run it in flash
Tonight alright
To be the winner
Yeah yeah yeah
we gunna step on the gas
and you'll see the bugs flow.

@majestrate majestrate released this Mar 28, 2019 · 932 commits to master since this release


* please regenerate all private key material generated by 0.4.0-rc2

* i am a potatoe
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@majestrate majestrate released this Mar 20, 2019 · 1024 commits to master since this release

don't use me

Assets 2
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