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Storage server for Loki Service Nodes
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Storage server for Loki Service Nodes


  • Boost >= 1.66 (for boost.beast)
  • OpenSSL >= 1.1.1a (for X25519 curves)
  • sodium >= 1.0.16 (for ed25119 to curve25519 conversion)
git submodule update --init
mkdir build && cd build
cmake --build .
./loki-storage 8080

The paths for Boost and OpenSSL can be specified by exporting the variables in the terminal before running make:

export OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR = ...
export BOOST_ROOT= ...

Then using something like Postman ( you can hit the API:

post data

body: "hello world"
- X-Loki-recipient: "mypubkey"
- X-Loki-ttl: "86400"
- X-Loki-timestamp: "1540860811000"
- X-Loki-pow-nonce: "xxxx..."

get data

- X-Loki-recipient: "mypubkey"
- X-Loki-last-hash: "" (optional)

unit tests

mkdir build_test
cd build_test
cmake ../unit_test -DBOOST_ROOT="path to boost" -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR="path to openssl"
cmake --build .
./Test --log_level=all
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