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Festive Freya 2.0.1 provides some hot-fixes for issues present in 2.0.0 including

  • Wallet locking up during autostake
  • IPv6 blocking IPv4 connections on failure
  • Exporting key-images behaviour now changed to export all key images by default

Hard Fork Information

Mainnet is set to fork at block height 161849 (est. 2018-12-13)
Testnet is set to fork at block height 47096
Stagenet is set to fork at block height 96211


e11f14fef21d6c4c0140218c6c5cfce49f644c588ca81f3cab05362448722b46 loki-linux-x64-v2.0.1.zip
3ca4826cf6a9ae38e579327227fa23398848ee9a8a3d62d65884b286b5ef7ac9 loki-osx-x64-v2.0.1.zip
dff925f24ba8995f5842200788ed9ef6b8c768d83020fd60092e299d2a94dd52 loki-win-x64-v2.0.1.zip