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@Doy-lee Doy-lee released this Mar 21, 2019 · 1335 commits to master since this release


Summer Sigyn introduces Infinite Staking requiring a hard fork to version 11. This release includes

  • Infinite Staking (
  • Removal of staking requirement tail increase.
  • Improved anonymity with adjusting output selection to ignore staking transactions which have known amounts and destinations.
  • CN Turtle proof-of-work algorithm, effective from hard fork 11.
  • Rotation of governance wallet keys.
  • Wallet Service Node RPC calls
  • Many bug fixes and improvements inherited from Monero.

From beta.1 to beta.2

  • Fix refresh exception with hashchain index out of bounds
  • Fix missing help text for print_locked_stakes
  • Demote error messages regarding invalid contribution/register txs to level 1
  • Set the mainnet hardfork date further back to March 26th
  • Implement relaxed contribution rules for RPC

From beta.2 to beta.3

  • Fix syncing failure on mainnet
  • Add wallet rpc call for registering service nodes (for GUI integration)
  • Add wallet rpc call for requesting staking unlock (for GUI integration)

From beta.3 to 3.0.0

  • Fix version 3 uptime proofs not being accepted by old Service Nodes still on version 2 (fix by Jagerman)
  • Fix core tests discrepancy
  • Updated docker instructions (fix by community member scilicet64)

From 3.0.0 to 3.0.1

  • Fix inconsistency in staking requirement change that can cause inconsistent Service Node list states on the network.

From 3.0.1 to 3.0.2

  • Force a rescan of the service node list to automate the requirement that users must trigger a rescan manually using pop-blocks. (@jagerman saves the day once again)

The Summer Sigyn release requires a database upgrade from version 3 to 4. It'll be necessary to re-calculate the Service Node database in software, this happens automatically and will report the following line and is expected behavior.

ERROR   service_nodes   src/cryptonote_core/service_node_list.cpp:1639  Failed to parse service node data from blob

The testnet and stagenet has been rebooted to hardfork 11 and it is advised to delete your testnet folder in ~/.loki or ProgramData/loki if you so wish to test on the testnet.

Mainnet will hardfork on block 234767 est. 2019-03-26 02:00 UTC. All Service Nodes must be upgraded before the hardfork or risk deregistration. Service Nodes that are still registered and staking across the hardfork will still be valid but must be running v3.0.0 or they will be deregistered. The next prepared registration for your node will automatically occur under the new 3.X rules, i.e. Infinite Staking. See the Infinite Staking Primer for more information (

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