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lokinet builder

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this repo is a recursive repo for building lokinet with all of the required libraries bundled as git submodules

building the debian package

$ sudo apt install devscripts build-essential libtool autoconf cmake git libcap-dev wget
$ git clone --recursive
$ cd lokinet-builder
$ debuild -b -us -uc

cross compile on linux for windows

$ sudo apt install build-essential libtool autoconf cmake git mingw-w64
$ git clone --recursive
$ cd lokinet-builder
$ make windows


Install the debian package, build the debian package manually if you want optimizations compiled in.

if the machine you run lokinet on has a public address (at the moment) it will automatically become a relay, otherwise it will run in client mode.

NEVER run lokinet as root.

to set up a lokinet to start on boot:

# systemctl enable --now lokinet.service


set up the configs and bootstrap (first time only):

$ lokinet -g && lokinet-bootstrap

run it (foreground):

$ lokinet

to force client mode edit /var/lib/lokinet/.lokinet/lokinet.ini or $HOME/.lokinet/daemon.ini

comment out the [bind] section, so it looks like this:


# [bind]
# eth0=1090