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Session open group server
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logic whitelist funcs, passesWhitelistByUserID(), check disk and db Feb 17, 2020
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config.js be more forgiving about trailing slashes Mar 5, 2020
config.json add loki_control Feb 17, 2020
docker-compose-backend.yml remove traefik, publicly bind to port, include docker dir Feb 7, 2020
docker-compose.yml fix default pomf__provider_url Mar 6, 2020
fetchWrapper.js make token optional, noJson mode Sep 10, 2019
lib.dialect.js validUser: only lookup token if set, improve logging Feb 17, 2020
lib.overlay.js getUserAccess(), whitelist syncing Feb 17, 2020
logic.js remove comments meant for logging, implement moderator removal, cleanup Nov 8, 2019
loki_template.ini update defaults Jan 30, 2020
overlay_server.js unify it Dec 30, 2019
package-lock.json bump mocha, to remove security vuln warning Mar 26, 2020
package.json bump mocha, to remove security vuln warning Mar 26, 2020
storage.js add dbMonitor to keep connection to mysql alive Jan 29, 2020

Session Open Group Server

Session Open Group Server (previously Loki messenger public chat server)

an Express REST API for serving/storing open group room history for Session.


  • Hosting with a public IP address
  • make sure you have a working DNS hostname that points to your public IP address.
  • an email address (LetsEncrypt requires this)
  • We recommend you have at least 4GB of free disk space and 512mb of ram (it may runs with less but use at your own risk)

Software requirements:

  • NodeJS 8.x+
  • A storage engine supported by camintejs for persistence
    • Recommended: Mysql/MariaDB
    • Suggested: MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite3, PostgresQL, Redis
    • Possible: Mongo, CouchDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, Riak, Firebird, TingoDB, RethikDB, ArangoDB

Installation contains the current installation instructions.

Check our for complete walkthru

Our Wiki also contains non-docker-based instructions

(Advanced configuration instructions coming soon...)

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