Interact with a SharePoint in a local intranet via the Service Bus
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** This project in not functional and not being maintained **

Interact with a SharePoint in a local intranet via the Service Bus.

The goal of this project is to create a way of interacting with a local SharePoint 2013 instance protected by a firewall, via a set of services exposed in the Azure Service Bus, using an ftp-like interface.

There will be a command line tool to run on the client to run the common ftp commands (open, get, cd, list, put, close). On the server side there will be a Windows Service to interact with a SharePoint 2013 instance located on the local network, using either ClientOM or REST.

The developments will support authentication and secure transfer of contents. Authentication will be done directly against SharePoint's permission model.

Code is developed in .Net 4.5/x64.

Current status as of 2013.04.05:

  • created all the placeholder projects for the server-side;
  • instaler for windows service working and ui tunned and services responding (not still wired to SB);
  • service/data contracts still in early draft forms;
  • sharepoint library started, still in early tests
  • logging with log4net configured
  • started spike of using Irony to build the command line parser. Base grammar created.

See the wiki and issue list for more information.