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The website source code for

If you've found a problem with the site (missing content, typos, etc...), please either fork this repository and send a pull request or create an issue.

The website is built with Hugo, a static site generator written in Golang.


First, you're going to want to create a fork of this project on Github. Then, checkout the fork on your local machine.

To develop using the site, just download the Hugo binary in your platform (Mac, Win, Linux) and run:

hugo server --watch --source=./ this directory. Running that starts up a development server that watches for changes and reloads the site every time a file is changed.

Any changes to the static, content, and layouts directories will automatically be compiled into the public dir.

Site content is found in the content directory and is written in Markdown.


In order to deploy to this repository, you'll need commit access. Create an issue if you want commit access.

Git Subtree

This project contains a git subtree at public. In order to setup the subtree, you need to add it as a remote repository by running the following:

git remote add public

The subtree references the repository that contains the generated content for the site which is used by Github Pages. Pushing changes to that repo will automatically trigger a rebuild of the site.

Deploying Changes

Making a change in this repo and pushing changes has multiple steps, so we have a convenience utility that does this for you found in which you can use like this:

./ 'fixing a typo'

... which builds your changes, commits the code and pushes the updates to both github repos.


Content released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 2.5 License.


Created by Dana Woodman.

Thanks to Hugo for making this easy for us.