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Convert Beat Saber Custom Songs to the NEW format
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🎵 Songe Converter

Convert Beat Saber Custom Songs to the NEW format

⚠ Warning

This is a command line tool. You should have at least a basic knowledge of running command line tools to be able to use this to its full potential.

💾 Installation

Download the binary from the latest release. That is all you need.

🔧 Usage


Drag a folder containing a beatmap's info.json file onto the binary.


To output a list of command line arguments, simply run the command.

The tool can operate on multiple directories by passing them as multiple arguments. Be sure to wrap them with quotes or escape spaces correctly.

You can either pass a directory containing info.json or the path to the info.json file. The software will resolve the path correctly from either.

👮 License

This software is licensed under the ISC License. View the file on GitHub to see exactly what that means.

You are free to embed this software in your own tools, provided you include this software's license and copyright somewhere in the tool.

It is recommended to auto-update this tool from GitHub releases in case of bug fixes being released.

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