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A general purpose api for all things riot
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Please note that this project is largely abandoned, and you should not expect further updates and support.


This is a Java 8 project designed to offer a simple binding to most League of Legends services. Right now this includes:

module description
domain Holding common information for all other modules. Mostly copies of the client's classes transmitted via RTMP in com.riotgames, but also the Shard enum, holding constants for all regions
loginqueue Login to a server.
rest The official rest API provided by Riot. Includes an unthrottled handler as well as a throttled, asynchronous handler with configurable rate limits
rtmp The part that makes the client run.
spectator Spectate games. Supports loading spectator files (.rofl) and streaming via the rest API. For non-featured games, you will need to provide a decryption key, which can be retrieved via RTMP or REST. Note that decoding frames isn't completely supported yet
xmpp Connect to the chat server. A simple wrapper that takes care of menial tasks such as channel name encoding

Take a look at the wiki for a complete documentation.


See our release listing

Get It

We are on maven! Include the following in the section of your pom.xml:

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