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Runescape icons in chat
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This plugin converts common RS words in chat to their corresponding in-game icon.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to either make an Issue here, or @ me on the Runelite Discord (@Hannah (loldudester)#6969)

Current icons:

  • Skills
  • High level Prayers (from Retribution to Augury)
  • Misc (see Triggers table)

Current config options:

  • Icon Mode: Choose whether to replace the word with the icon, or to place the icon after the word.
  • Skill Icons: Choose between Long Triggers ("Attack", "Defence", etc), Short Triggers ("att", "def", etc), or both.
  • Prayer Icons: Enable high level Prayer icons.
  • Misc Icons: Choose between Long Triggers, Short Triggers, or both.


Triggers are not case sensitive and can be preceded or followed by numbers and punctuation.

For example, "99fm!" would be shown as "99fm!" in Replace Text mode and "99fm(fm)!" in After Text mode.


Skills have both Long and Short triggers:

Icon Long Trigger Short Trigger
Agility agility agi
Attack attack att
Combat combat (or melee) cmb
Construction construction con
Cooking cooking cook
Crafting crafting craft
Defence defence def
Farming farming farm
Firemaking firemaking fm
Fishing fishing fish
Fletching fletching fletch
Herblore herblore herb
Hitpoints hitpoints hp
Hunter hunter hunt
Magic magic mage
Mining mining mine
Prayer prayer pray
Ranged ranged range
Runecraft runecraft rc
Slayer slayer slay
Smithing smithing smith
Strength strength str
Thieving thieving thief
Woodcutting woodcutting wc


Prayers only have one trigger each:

Icon Trigger
Retribution retribution
Redemption redemption
Smite smite
Preserve preserve
Chivalry chivalry
Piety piety
Rigour rigour
Augury augury


Some misc icons have short triggers, but not all. Those that don't work regardless of if Long or Short triggers are enabled:

Icon Long Trigger Short Trigger
Bank bank bank
Altar altar altar
Shortcut shortcut shortcut
Quest quest qp
Diary diary diary
Minigame minigame minigame
Favour favour favour
Arceuus arceuus arc
Hosidius hosidius hosi
Lovakengj lovakengj lova
Piscarilius piscarilius pisc
Shayzien shayzien shayz
Coins coins gp
Exchange exchange ge
Ironman ironman im
Hardcore hardcore hcim
Ultimate ultimate uim
JMod jmod jmod
pmod pmod pmod
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