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Fix man page installation path

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1 parent 468cbf6 commit 866df6eccae903dfa39da2db6c75bad98a6664c2 @lolilolicon committed
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6 Makefile
@@ -28,14 +28,14 @@ strip: ${OUT}
install: ffcast.1 ffcast.bash xrectsel
install -D -m755 xrectsel ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/xrectsel
install -D -m755 ffcast.bash ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/ffcast
- install -D -m755 ffcast.1 ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/man1/ffcast.1
+ install -D -m755 ffcast.1 ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1/ffcast.1
@echo removing executable file from ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin
rm -f ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/xrectsel
rm -f ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/ffcast
- @echo removing man page from ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/man1/ffcast.1
- rm -f ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/man1/ffcast.1
+ @echo removing man page from ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1/ffcast.1
+ rm -f ${DESTDIR}${MANPREFIX}/man1/ffcast.1
dist: clean
mkdir ffcast-${VERSION}

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