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+=head1 EXAMPLES
-=over 4
+Use the recognized command B<ffmpeg> in the B<double hyphen syntax>, with
+debug messages printed to stderr:
-=item B<DISPLAY>
+ ffcast -vvs ffmpeg -r 30 -- -vcodec libx264 out.mkv
-To get the default host and display number.
+Screencast fullscreen on display I<:1>, using the default B<ffmpeg> command
+ DISPLAY=:1 ffcast
+Screencast all three windows of B<GIMP>:
+ ffcast -www % ffmpeg -f x11grab -show_region 1 -s %wx%h -i %d+%x,%y out.mpg
=head1 AUTHOR
lolilolicon E<lt>lolilolicon@gmail.comE<gt>
=head1 SEE ALSO
+B<ffmpeg(1)>, B<X(7)>

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