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An easy-to-use overlay library written in C#
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Overlay.NET aims to be An easy-to-use overlay library that allows you to render visuals to other windows, and offers lots of overlay options, from external WPF windows to shared process directx hooks to do the overlay rendering.



  • WPF based overlay.
  • Directx based overlay.
  • DirectX code is 99% from this project, check it out if interested in dx based overlays -
  • Soon: Shared process, or 'in-process' directX engine to use the games directx device instead.

Demos / Examples

You may find the demo code here:

You may view a quick demo video of the WPF/directx overlay below.

Overlay demo

Contributing (please do!)

  • If you like it, star it.
  • If you love it, contribute.
  • If you want to add to the sample/demo apps, include a working example in your pull request, preferably added to the demo project.


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