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A simple node.js app for Raspberry Pi that:

  • reads temperature and humidity from your DHT11 - DHT22 sensor
  • publish it to an MQTT broker of your choice


  • Raspberry Pi (tested on Model B and Zero W). Note: the project dependencies node-dht-sensor and BCM won't work on other devices, so npm -i will fail. Look at the debug section for additional info.
  • DHT11 or DHT22 sensor
  • node and build tools


SSH to your Raspberry Pi and:

# example of installation
# download bcm

# unpack
tar -xzvf bcm2835-1.56.tar.gz

# cd and compile
cd bcm2835-1.56/
make check
make install
  • clone repo and install
# install required dependency node-gyp globally
npm install node-gyp -g

# clone repo
git clone
cd node-dht-mqtt

# install project dependencies (if you face permission errors add --unsafe-perm)
npm i --unsafe-perm

# copy configuration template
cp config.js.example config.js
  • edit config.js

  • test it:

node app.js

you should see a console message with Temp and Humidity

  • add crontab to publish every minute
* * * * * node /path/to/node-dht-mqtt/app.js


let config = {
    mqtt_data: {
        username: 'xxx',            // your mqtt username
        password: 'xxx',            // your mqtt password
        port: 10109,                // mqtt port
        host: 'mqtt://',     // mqtt url
        topic: 'topic/name'         // topic name, simple string
    sensor_data: {
        dht_version: 11,            // Your DHT sensor version, 11 or 22
        pin_number: 17              // the GPIO you connected the DHT to. See below image
    other_options: {
        timeout: 5000               // after this timeout the script will exit

module.exports = config;

For the GPIO pinout see this image:

Raspberry Pi Pinout


Since node-dht-sensor and BCM won't compile if you are not on a Raspberry Pi, for debugging purposes on your PC, there is an automatic debug function. If the node-dht-sensor package is not found, you will see a console message and TEST data will be emitted (99 C° and 1% humidity).