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Updated sambamba compiling instructions

Ragel is not needed anymore -- all generated files are already 
in the BioD repository.
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@@ -19,30 +19,26 @@ In order to use the gem, you also need <code>sambamba</code> tool installed (ver
If you use Debian, you can download a package for your architecture from
[github downloads](
-Otherwise, you need to do the following:
-* install [DMD compiler](
-* install [Ragel]( finite state machine compiler
+Otherwise, you need to install [DMD compiler](
* On Mac OS X you can install [homebrew]( package manager,
-then install dmd and ragel easily with
+then install dmd easily with
brew install dmd
- brew install ragel
-* On Arch Linux you can use pacman to install dmd and ragel
+* On Arch Linux you can use pacman to install dmd
- pacman -S dmd libphobos ragel
+ pacman -S dmd libphobos
* clone sambamba repository and compile the tool
- git clone
- cd sambamba/CLItools/
+ git clone --recursive
+ cd sambamba/
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