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Look Counter

Look Counter app Download from Google Play

Look Counter is a simple, yet elegant app for counting how many times your screen was turned ON, as well as actually unlocked. You always have these two numbers on the main screen, right away. Tapping either of them shows a calendar for a current month, with a counter value per day. You can also swipe the calendar up or down, in order to see other months.

Wondering why you may need this info? Well, perhaps you'd be surprised to know that the average person checks her phone around 110 times a day, and some - up to 900 times! Or maybe you feel guilty, checking your phone too often, and want to motivate yourself for a change? Or you're just interested in statistics, or suspect your phone is turning on without your knowledge. With Look Counter app, all of the above can be easily verified!

In overall, app's functionality includes:

  • Start / Stop a service option, for an actual pause or resume of the counting service
  • counter which shows how many times your phone's or tablet's screen was turned ON
  • counter which shows many times the screen was UNLOCKED
  • About screen, with a detailed information about app's functionality
  • Clear All Data option, for the removal of all so-far-gathered data
  • Share with Friends option (via sms, email, etc.)
  • Contact option, for sending a Feedback to the developer

This app uses the following libraries

  • Kotlin
  • RxKotlin, RxAndroid
  • Room
  • RecyclerView
  • Constraint Layout
  • AppCompat
  • Design
  • Support Annotations



Motivate me to write more articles, tutorials and apps ;)




Android app which counts screen looks and unlocks.



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