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== 0.2 (WIP)
* Renamed 'daemon_kit' executable to 'daemon-kit'
* Fixed some broken links in README.rdoc
* Sneaked in << on AbstractLogger for better Logger compatibility
* Support for Test::Unit in generated projects [skaar]
* Fixed missing DAEMON_ENV for test helpers
* Fixes for nanite configuration [skaar]
* Toughened up the ruote workitem parser
* Fixed issue with nanite services not being advertised correctly [Wijnand]
* Fixed some woes with rake if rspec gem is missing
== 2009-08-12
* Ruote remote participants
* Allow process umask to be configured, defaults to 022
* Updates to DaemonKit::Config hashes
* Fixed argument parsing bug (reported by Mathijs Kwik (bluescreen303)
* Support for privilege separation (See Configuration.txt)
== 2009-06-22
* Backtraces only logged on unclean shutdown
* AMQP generator got new keep alive code
== 2009-06-22
* Optional logging of all exceptions when the daemon process dies
* Update generated environment.rb to reflect new backtraces option
== 2009-06-22
* Fixed compatibility with rufus-scheduler-2.0.0 (or newer) in cron
* Started central eventmachine reactor management code
* Now depends on eventmachine
== (Not released)
* Support for cucumber
* Fixed issue in daemon_kit:upgrade task
* Moved rspec generator into new home
* Removed conflicting rubigen generator, messed with our script directory
* Fixed bug where environment.rb overwrites some --config values (reported by Josh Owens)
== 2009-06-08
* New AbstractLogger
** Default Logger backend
** SysLogLogger support
* More documentation
== 2009-06-05
* Fixed bug with control script generator (thanks Sho Fukamachi)
* Enhanced deploy.rb template to check for current dk gem verion,
unless vendored
* Fix bug in capistrano recipe for restarting daemons
* Added log:truncate rake task
* Error mails now handled by TMail
== 2009-05-31
* Removed dependency on daemons gem, now handled in house
* New argument management
* Some more docs
== 2009-05-28
* Fixed some minor issue with Capistrano support
* Added support for generating dog/monit configuration files via rake
* Initial implementation of ./script/* utilities
== 0.1.7 2009-05-26
* Capistrano deployment support
== 0.1.6 2009-05-13
* DaemonKit::Safety class to handle the trapping and logging of
exceptions, as well as email notifications or Hoptoad notifications.
* New config/pre-daemonize and config/post-daemonize structure
* New tasks to simplify upgrading daemon-kit projects
* Fixed some other annoyances and bugs
* Bigger TODO list
== 0.1.5 2009-05-07
* DaemonKit::Config class to easy the use of YAML configs internally,
and in generated daemons
== 0.1.2 2009-04-28
* Added missing rubigen dependency
== 0.1.1 2009-04-27
* AMQP consumer generator added
* 'cron' style generator added
* Allow configuring dir_mode and dir (pid file location) (Jim Lindley)
== 0.1.0 2009-01-08
* Ability to freeze the gem/edge copies of DaemonKit
* Simple non-evented Jabber generator
* Flexible UNIX signal trapping configuration
* Basic generator completed
* 1 small step for man, 1 giant leap for mankind
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