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Learn to Code While Building Apps - The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp
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Section 1: Introduction to Cross-Platform Development with Flutter and Dart

Section 2: Setting Up for Flutter Development

Section 3: I Am Rich - How to Create Flutter Apps from Scratch

Section 4: Running Your App on a Physical Device

Section 5: I Am Poor - App Challenge

Section 6: MiCard - How to Build Beautiful UIs with Flutter Widgets

Section 7: Dicee - Building Apps with State

Section 8: Boss Level Challenge 1 - Magic 8 Ball

Section 9: Xylophone - Using Flutter and Dart Packages to Speed Up Development

Section 10: Quizzler - Modularising & Organising Flutter Code

Section 11: Boss Level Challenge 2 - Destini

Section 12: BMI Calculator - Building Flutter UIs for Intermediates

Section 13: Clima - Powering Your Flutter App with Live Weather Web Data

Section 14: Boss Level Challenge 3 - Bitcoin Ticker (a.k.a. Am I Rich?)

Section 15: Flash Chat - Flutter x Firebase Cloud Firestore

Section 16: Flutter State Management

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