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RFID door entry bot.
Python Perl Processing Shell PHP
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Doorbot_pde Correct pin
listeners Update prerequisites
.gitignore needs python-daemon as well
acnode.conf Tidy up web server Minor method corrections Encode website errors to utf-8 Update lovelace scripts Update lovelace scripts Update lovelace scripts debug a bit, commit an old change to use a hostname for hamming, the … Move card DB to tmpfs
doorbot doorbot needs pcscd to start
doorbot.conf.sample Make relay open duration configurable Turn LEDs off earlier so the success green is more obvious don't spam us with email please demonise + syslog, tidy the config file a bit, not tested Tidy doorbot into a class Move card DB to tmpfs
rootfswd Watchdog for rootfs
runglados Correct path for glados


 sudo apt-get install python-serial python-pyscard pcscd pcsc-tools python-lxml python-crypto python-daemon curl

 sudo wget -O /usr/share/pcsc/smartcard_list.txt

On some versions of Debian, edit:


changing ifdDriverOptions from 0x0000 to 0x0004.

 sudo service pcscd restart


For glados:

apt-get install mpg123 bplay alsa-oss

Then use alsamixer to boost the volume, don't forget to unmute ('m')!

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