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These scripts reacted to broadcast messages sent out by doorbots (UDP broadcast, back doorbot port 50001, front doorbot port 50002).

These are no longer in use, since at LHS we now use MQTT notifications instead. see the ../mqttlisteners/ directory

Scripts running on hamming as of 14 September 2015:

  • (frond and back)
  • (front and back)

Connects to a boarded instance running on hamming:8020, submits a message via a GET request that gets displayed on a led matrix board.

Two instances listening on different ports sending the same message.

Listens for messages, writes an entry via pickle to a local file, for consumption by other scripts.

Two instances, one for the front, and one for the back door, using the same file.

Reads and refreshes the database from the pickled file produced by lastseen and does the following:

  • When a bell is rang, sends a message to the channel.
  • When a known card is presented, sends a message with a nickname to the channel including when the user was last seen.
  • When an unknown card is presented, sends a messages to the channel.
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