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Quine exercise

This was started as an excercise. I wanted to create a quine from scratch with running elk inrton:

      ^^..^^           ^^..^^ 
   _____ U         _____ U    
 ~(  _  /    =>  `(  _  /     
   || ||           // \\      
   ^^ ^^          ^^   ^^     

Saved evolution to see how I was figuring stuff out. I had no prevoius experiance in creating quines. Showing the evolution of my thought, history goes:

quine.alpha.rb => quine.beta.rb => quine.rb

It is very interesting to observe how figuring stuff out happened. You can run and observe running elk with:

$ ruby runner.rb


There is an animated version of this quine. If you run it with no args (or through a runner) it is just a regular quine. But if you provide number of frames and pause in seconds between frames, the elk will go right and return back the specified number of frames:

$ ruby quine.anim.rb 30 0.2

No specific obfuscation was made to the code. I also tried to keep line length lower 100.


As I was discovering new interesting new posibilities I went further. Greatly inspired by Yusuke Endoh I have created an animated ASCII-art quine

$ ruby quine.ascii.anim.rb

You can see that it can generate itself from a draft non-ascii version.