Flat directional arrows projected in 3d for krpano player.
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Arrows Plugin for krpano viewer

You only need the compacted version of arrows.xml file. You can get it here. After that you can:

    <include url="arrows.xml" />
    <layer name="connections">
        <connection name="scene2" hdir="25.0" />

Full plugin with examples and documentation is packed in arrows.zip. For more details check out documentation or clone the repo.


Description and documentantion is available on the plugin page at krpano.com. Otherwise you can follow development guide to setup local server and read documentation offline on localhost


Simple node server is used in case you need to try html5 version. Gulp is used to minify xml and create zip archive to be downloadable from the site. You'll need node and gulp.

npm install gulp -g

After that:

git clone https://github.com/lonelyelk/krpano-arrows.git
cd krpano-arrows
npm install
node web-server.js

Development happens in dev folder. To see your modifications in uncompressed arrows.xml file on dev page use gulp xml or just gulp that will automatically run minification.