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Labs content for 2017 & 2018 QMUL MSc Bioinformatics BIO782P (Stats & Bioinformatics) module. These lectures and labs include content authored by Rob Knell (2016) where so marked.

Course overview

Day Date Lecture Lab Goals Assessment
1 Monday 5th November 2018 Introduction: Statistics and Bioinformatics (R. Knell, J. Parker) Introduction to R (R. Knell, J. Parker) Why bioinformatics is statistical; How to use R; Basic exploratory analyses (CWK1 5%) Simply plot data
2 Tuesday 6th November 2018 Basic statistics (R. Knell, J. Parker) Chi-squared, Student T (R. Knell, J. Parker) Simple summary measures (CWK1 5%) Mean; median; contingency tables; difference statistics and Cis
3 Weds 7th November 2018 ANOVA and LMs (R. Knell, J. Parker) ANOVA and LMs (R. Knell, J. Parker) ANOVA, regression (CWK1 20%) Anova, regression
4 Thursday 8th November 2018 General linear models (R. Knell, J. Parker) GLM I (R. Knell, J. Parker) GLMs, error, interactions (CWK1 20%) GLMs
5 Friday 9th November 2018 More GLMs: Selection, experimental design, assumptions (R. Knell, J. Parker) GLM II (R. Knell, J. Parker) Model selection (CWK1 50%) Appropriate selection, main assessment
6 Monday 12th November 2018 What is a model? NOTE: 1000-1100 Simulation; phylogenetics Modelling context (CWK2 50%) Simulation
7 Tuesday 13th November 2018 Beyond GLMs Models & simulation (Pt. II) Beyond GLMs in para space None
8 Wednesday 14th November 2018 Big data bioinformatics Regex; Group project Issues in big data (reproducibility; FDR; power/effect size; distributions) None
9 Thursday 15th November 2018 The toolbox Docker, grids and the cloud (pt. I) NOTE: 1230-1500 Crick Lecture: Michael Levine, Princeton (optional) NOTE: 1600, Crick Inst. Where to find more tools/resources. Architectures (CWK2 50%) Dockerfile
10 Friday 16th November 2018 Looking further Docker, grids and the cloud (pt. II); Open Help Session NOTE: 1300-1500 "My favourite package" symposium NOTE: 1600-1700, Queen's Building. Refreshments after. Wider context None / opportunity for troubleshooting


Labs content for 2017 & 2018 QMUL MSc Bioinformatics BIO782P (Stats & bioinformatics) module






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