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All the tools you need to build the Lonely Planet UI experience.
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Conventional Commits


Every adventurer needs a set of tools to take along the way! Backpack is the Lonely Planet toolset that we use to build front end apps.


npm install backpack-ui --save


import Button from "backpack-ui/dist/components/button";

Develop components with Storybook

npm run storybook

Open http://localhost:6006/ in your favorite web browser.

Then import your component(s) into stories/index.jsx and render them like so:

storiesOf("Some component name", module)
  .add("Default", () => (
    <ComponentName />
  .add("Some variation", () => (
    <ComponentName prop="value" />


  • Don't do import foo from "lodash";. Makes the bundles asplode.


Please read the guidelines for contributing before making a pull request.

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